While some events are still tentative, the VSA generally tries to make full use of all weekends between April and October, especially the 6 long weekends which occur almost once a month.

With excellent facilities at the clubhouse many members camp over at the club on long weekends and enjoy the peace and fresh air of Hope.

The following dates have been earmarked:

Club set up, Hanger raising : Saturday 28 March 2015

Easter Weekend: 2 to 5 April

Victoria Day Long weekend:  May

First 5 day Course:  Bronze badge course 11 to 15 May 2015

Second 5 day Course:  Ab-Initio course 8 to 12 June 2015

BC Day Long weekend:  August

Hope Camp:  August

Labour day Long weekend: September

Thanksgiving Long weekend: October

Club pack-up, Hanger take down:  October

Annual awards banquet: December

Contact the club for details: (604) 869-7211